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   Happy 4th of July!!! We have had a full long wkend so far! We went to the campground Friday after Lovie's Mom came on her way in from Atlanta to visit for a few hours. We went to dinner with Momma, Daddy, Taylor and Mikayla. Lovie, Taylor and Mikayla went to "the bar" to get a drink..........TOO CUTE!

   Lovie and I were busy all wkend with taking pics! It was hot, but thank goodness we had a breeze due to the clouds, so it really wasn't; THAT BAD outdoors!
   My niece and her boyfriend were in from Orlando visiting. Well he surprised her with asking her to marry him!!!!! WE were very EXCITED about this!!!!! Congrats my honies!!!

   Well it is off the Baton Rouge tonight to watch the fireworks display! I am praying the rain will hold off! Hope you are having a great holiday with your loved ones!

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