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My Mood:

   It feels like Monday, but it is HUMP DAY!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!! I LOVED having Lovie for four days!!!! It was hard to have him leave this morning!
   Yesterday afternoon we went to Baton Rouge to see the fireworks. They had all kinds of goodies to eat and drink. We had a snowcones, Lovie had strawberry, I had bubblegum (which we think was blue cocoanut LOL) verra yummy.
   We watched a street performer do some magic, he was really good. A hot air balloon was in the sky, I think they were giving rides but they did not do it for long, I wanted to ride! We listen to some great music.
   We headed up to our seat and found my niece & nephew with their fiancees, they came and sat with us. We had a balcony on the 9th floor of the court house. PREFECT view!

   Mikayla had a great time on the swing with Big Chris at the campground See how high she went!

Have a giggly night!


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