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   I had to go for a check up on my incision today...It is doing great, but still draining. He pressed on it, then ran a q-tip in it, then put the wooden end of the q-tip in it!!! OUCH!
    I go back in two week to get my surgery scheduled. He will also remove the one off my back while I am under. I will be glad when all this is over!
   I finally slept on my side last night without pain!! YAHOO! I never sleep flat of my back, so it has been driving me nutty!
   We are getting ready for a nice long wkend! Lovie will be off Monday and Tuesday for the fourth!!! HEHE! We will be at the campground all wkend. Lovies Mom is coming in from Atlanta, and might come spend Friday night and Saturday with us. Tuesday we are going to Baton Rouge for the fireworks! I can not wait!!!! Busy wkend! Hope yours will be great! Well my tummy is growling, the sandwich I had a 11am is GONE!!!!! Lovie is cooking red beans which will nto be ready for awhile!!! So I am gone to see whats in the freezer! ~*giggle*~

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