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   Lovie and I spent two days in the pool...We have a little bit of a sun burn!! But I am SOOO excited the pool is getting warmer! And the BLUE gunk is about GONE thank goodness! I will NEVER make the mistake of putting Party Pool in ours again!
   Lovie barbecued hamburgers, made potato salad and baked beans for us. I slumbered in my chair off and on while he cooked. We watched Walk the Line while we ate, GREAT movie!
   Speaking of MOVIES!!! I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   We are puppy sitting for Momma & Daddy while they are gone to get Taylor & Mikayla. (they will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) "Pepples" is a great watch dog, at 4:38 am barking and waking us up to really nothing was a bummer! I did not go back to sleep till right around day break! ughhhhh, that is why I took a few cat naps this afternoon!
   Did you notice my hurricane name list below? You see Chris & Oscar on it! BE AFRAID, VERRA AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No I am teasing, I am praying that we have miss season instead of a hit one this year, but it is not sounding good from the meteorologist! We will be ready and WILL NOT stay home for another! Well it is TV and book time! Have a giggly night!

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