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   Oh my babies have grown! Taylor called his friends and went to play outside with them. Mikayla found some of the goodies Nana had been buying and putting up for their visit. We opened her pink tent and put it up in the living room for her, she LOVES it! She got her "Rella" (Cinderella) pillow and blanket and got it the tent on the sleeping bag, too cute!
   Lovie helped Taylor hook his tv and video game up after dinner, while Momma and I bathed Mikayla. She counted to 22 for us! After her bath I put her tent in Momma & Daddies room in front of the tv and she climbed in to settle in for the night. ( Momma said she made it till about 1am ) We are going to have a fun summer with them!!! Taylor is coming to spend the night with us tonight. Here are a few pics I took last night, MANY more to come over the summer!!! Have a giggly rest of your day!

hooking up the entertainment

pretending to be Pawpaw!

She said her mouth was nasty from the sucker she had eaten!

It must be nice, huh?!

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