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   I have something incommon with Natalie! Not about what she said, but I am not gonna hold that against her, this is America after all...I believe you are suppose to support your president even if you do not like..BUT you are entitled to your opinion! Make sure you campaign and vote for the next election and get who you think would do a better job!
   If those comments were made by a regular person in general conversation, which I am sure it has, it would not have been a big deal, but lord let someone famous say something and all hell breaks loss! Like Kanye West with "the president doesn't support black people"...That was his feelings! I am sure that same thing was said a million times through that!
   I like Toby Keith...But man pick on someone your own size! I hate bullies! Like I said she is entitled to her opinion! Get yourself over there and fight for this country instead of pointing fingers!
   But ANYWAY...the thing I have incommon with Natalie is "I am not ready to make nice". I have tried but, some people are too narrow minded to be a better person and say " I am sorry ". Too shallow to realize I am not jealous! You need to stop pointing fingers and look at your own life and realize you are in a heap! It can all be taken away in a drop of a hat! Trust me, because of you it was taken from us! I will NEVER lowrate myself again to try to "make nice" with any of you! Press play below!

Have a giggly day!

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