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   My wkend started out a lil woozy! I had to go to the DR to have this cyst drained!!!!!!!!!!! He numbed it and cut me open!!! He put packing in and sent me on my way! It hurt all wkend! I had to sleep sitting up, with the foreign object in my chest it hurt to lay on my back or side! OUCHIE POO! I was told to take the packing out on Sunday, so as soon as we got home (the camp has well water, my DR told me not ott get the water on the incision.) I got in th eshower and shocked it and got that out of there! It felt SOO much better! I still can not sleep on my side, but atleast I sleep laying down! I have to go back in this week to have it check, and I guess it is schedulaed to have the cyst removed (he could not remove it while it was infected).
   Momma and Daddy brought the kids out on Saturday to fish! Taylor had a ball and Mikayla was SOOO excited about "catching" a fish (with a little help from "Big Chris" she caught a fish ~*giggle*~) Taylor stayed the night with us. He and Lovie checked their lines and play PS2 most of the night. We fished SUnday but we didn't have any luck! See Mikayla with her fish!!!

Click HERE to see more pics from the wkend!

Have a giggly week!


  1. Ok might be time for them to come home :)...Shanna

  2. Summer is not over yet...... =0(


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