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   I can finally breath! I do not have cancer! I have Fibrocystic Breast Condition...Which is pretty common! The lump under my arm is swollen breast tissue and lymph nods. The numbness in my arm is from the lump pressing on nerves. I have to cut out all caffeine and chocolate!!!! OH GAWD what am I to do with out chocolate and Dr Pepper!?!?! But I have to do what I have to do! I have to take some over the counter drugs and wear a tight fitting bra 24 / 7, and soak in warm bathes to help the swelling go down. My arm REALLY hurts now, with all the pulling they had to do for the mamogram! OUCH!!!
   That was the fifth time I was told "We think you have cancer"!!!!!!!!!!!! You just do not know how hard it is to wait to find out the future of your health...But once again God blessed me. Well I am trying to stay awake for the winner of Idol, but they are taking FOREVER! I am beat, I am off to bed shortly! Have a giggly night!

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