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   Oh where do I start...I have a lump about the size of a lemon under my arm, close to my breast. I went to my doctor and help told me he thinks but doesn't think it is breast cancer...! It could be a rare type of breast cancer, or Hodgkin's lymphoma, or cat scratch disease or leukemia or a cyst or a heart problem!?!?!?!?! So...He is sending me to a breast surgeon to have some test done. I have done well till tonight, I broke down a bit...I am very frightened about what I am going to find out.
   I have been having this pain in my chest for 2 months now, feels like a cinder block is on the left side of my chest.. When the pain first started I thought it was from being on my cycle. The pain did not go away so I called my family doctor and he called in a anti - inflammatory and some antibiotics, neither helped what so ever. So I thought maybe I had pleurisy, this same time last year I had this pain also. So I put it out of my mind...Till Friday when I was getting dressed and noticed the lump under my arm / on my breast. My GYN keeps telling me "cancer doesn't hurt", but if I have the "rare" type and it is deep and prolonged it can hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   It seems all I write about lately is doctors!!!! But that has been most of my life...sick and at the doctors office or in the hospital having surgery. I have been through alot in my 38 years, and I am not complaining, I am putting it out there "I can take it"! Well the meds are kicking it, I am off to bed to forget about all this till 1:10 pm!!!! Have a giggly night...

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