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   Wheeeew LONG wkend! It was hot early in the day, but there was a great breeze blowing. I spent most of Friday lounging!! HEHE! When Lovie finished working we went to the grocery to pick up a few things. We went to dinner with the family then all went in to get some rest for the next day. It was a long but fun day Saturday...LOTS of great music and company.
   I am feeling a little better and my "lump" seems a little smaller. How happy am I that I found caffeine free Dr. Pepper!!!???!!! VERRA HAPPY! The numbness in my arm has slacked off also, thank goodness!
   Well I am thinking about going to get in the pool, hopefully the sun will come out! Have a giggly rest of your day!!

Here is a song for those white goggles you had on:

umpa lumpa dupadoo do

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