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   We had such a wonderful time at Tapatio Springs!!! I was verra nervous about flying, I did cry for the first take off, but I LOVED it!!! I sat by the window and took pics! Our second flight in Houston was held up due to too many bodies and too much fuel, so they removed some folks and some fuel, and we were on our way! We were about 30 minutes late getting to San Antonio, we could not find our driver! FINALLY about 30 minutes alter he found us. He told us he had to go park, it looked to us that he had parked and went to sleep!!! So we were and hour late getting to dinner! When we walked in everyone stood and applauded us! It was funny!
   Friday morning we went down for breakfast, and then it was tee time for Lovie and time for me to head to the spa!!!! I was EXCITED!!! I had an older lady, all she wanted to do was talk and fuss me for using sugar and not drinking enough water! Give me a break! I wanted to tell her to hush and just rubbed my back!! It was nice but not what everyone has said, I don't know if I will be up for another massage, we'll see...
   Saturday morning after breakfast we rented a car and went into San Antonio. The brought us an Dodge Magnum! it was pretty cool, but Lovie could not see out of the windows!!! We had a BLAST in San An!!!! We did alot of shopping and went to The Alamo! Go HERE to see pics! Another trip is already in the plane for us!!
   Today Lovie went by the pool store and bought this stuff you put in the water to change the color!!! He got Blue Lagoon! (there was also green and red!) he bought some other goodies for the pool also!!!

Thank goodness it did wash off!!!

   I can not wait for the water to get warm and get some sun!!! I am sick of the tan in a can! I have not keep up with it and I am faded to white again! UGH! Well, I am off to bed with my new book! Have a giggly night!

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