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   I just read this "keep on killin them Iraqis...." on a girls My Space and it turned my stomach! How shallow of you to think that is what our troops are doing over there. Yes there is killing going on but not ALL "Iragis" are being killed just because they are from there!
   I have not had a fun filled day at all! I woke around 9am and went back to bed, did not feel like being awake! I got back up at 11am. Then there was a knock at our door, a visitor for Lovie!!!!! Thank goodness that was tended to, but should have been tended to before hand !! Thank goodness for "friends"! ~*giggle*~
   I lounged on my island tonight while Lovie watched March Madness, GEAUX TIGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally watched Just Like Heaven, what a good movie!! I cried, I cheered!!!! I looked at my new magazine, then read my book, now it is time to slumber! have a great giggly night!

It's another baby boom?!?!

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