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   My Daddy got into a bad wreck Friday afternoon! One of his back tires blew out, then the other blew out! He had a heavy load which cause him to flip five time!!! He was cut up and bruised but not seriously hurt! He called my Momma and told her he had had a little accident and his head was cut! We went and picked her up and headed to Gulf Port (2 hours away!!!) Momma talked to the officer that was working the wreck and he told her he was at mile maker 13, which is East Bound, so we thought he had went across the interstate in the the woods, but THANK GOD he did not, he went off to his right and into the woods. Momma was told the wrong hospital, Gulf Port Memorial headed us to Biloxi Regional where we found him coming out of x-ray bloody and dirty!!! When I went back he was sitting up having the glass removed from his head. He was covered in dirt and dust! He had lost his glasses, his cell phone, his meds everything! Lovie and my brother-in-law went to the wreck site after seeing him and found everything!!!! He is soooooo lucky, angels where riding with him! He said he held onto the stirring wheel and was saying "Oh God this is it"...When he stopped he looked at his hands and said "well I am alive"! I did not cry when I saw him bloody in the hospital, I was just so relieved to see and hear him! I finally cried Sunday night after chatting with a camping buddy and sending her the pics to look at, it really hit me that I almost lost him! Thank you God for sending angles to take care of my Daddy!

This is where they found his glasses!

Daddy's eyes were full off dust, so he did not open them, he was talking to me telling me all about the wreck while I took his pic!

   We had a full wkend, we had 2 hours sleep Friday (well I should say Saturday morning), we had to go back to Biloxi to pick him and Momma up to take daddy to a neuro surgeon for his neck. He found Daddy has two bone spurs and was ok to go home.
   The officer that worked the wreck had Daddy's wallet and insurance card. He went to give it to Daddy and the ambulance had left with him. We finally got intouch with him and had to meet him to get it.
   But anyway...I can nto thank God enough for keeping Daddy safe, and Thank You to everyone for the calls, thoughts and prayers! Have a giggly rest of your day!!

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  1. OMG Im so sorry about your daddy's accident but thank god he is alive!!! Hope he will recover real soon!!! BIG HUGS


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