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   Happy New Year!!! Lets get our kicks in 2006!!!! Today is National Hang Over day, and the only hang over we have is from Nyquil... We had a great time at the campground for New Years wkend! Laughed alot, ate alot and heard some juicy gossip!!!!!!! OOOOOOOweeee!
   We went to dinner Saturday night with the family and then went back to the campground for the festivities. Lovie and I were both feeling too bad to join in so we headed to bed. At midnight we wished each other a groggy Happy and had our kiss, then got back in our lil twin beds. At 1:30am we had our own lil New Years parade come wish us Happy New Year complete with sparklers, party hats and horns!!!!
   Lovie got up at 6:30am to start the roast for lunch. He brought me breakfast in bed around 9am and I got up to get dressed. The humidity was UNBEARABLE!!!!!! You could feel the air on your skin! ugh!
   Daddy ate his New Year dinner and headed back to Flalala by noon. After seeing him off, Momma and I went riding on the golfcart. We ate lunch with my brother-in-law, his mom, his sister, his cousin, and his niece. Afterwards we all packed up to head home. It was a great wkend even though we were both sick. Hope you brought in the New Year with a giggle!!!

Who's your babies Daddy?
I don't know, because I am a stripper wanna be job hoppen ho!

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