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   I have to go in the morning to have blood work done... I HATE needles!!! I cry every time I have to have blood drawn! But... One test down two to go on getting the answer we seek!!! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!
   We went to Biloxi Saturday with my sister, brother-in-law and Momma. We never dreamed there would be nothing left! And I emphasize NOTHING! The water base casinos sitting across the street on the land side is UNREAL! Even with seeing it, it is still surreal.

Shark Heads...My favorite pink gift shop!

Treasure Bay Casino

   We had dinner at The Palace on the bay. It was not what you would call a up an running casino, but it was more a make shift one. The dining room was verra small and they had slot machine in every spot possible! It was crowded!
   My poor brother-in-law has the MOST strange things happen to him. On our way out to meet the valet to get the car he went to the restroom, we sat down to wait on him and the car outside. He came out and had the most strange look on his face and he was pale with a dumb founded look, he looked us and said" I GOT PEEED ON"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was using the restroom and a drunk man came behind him and started peeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man next to brother-in-law grab the drunk and pushed him away, a security guard pulled him out of the restroom!!! Poor brother-in-law...Just another strange story to add to his like story!!! ~*giggle*~
   Well it is off to the shower for me, we are going to look at my sisters new camper and help other brother-in-law hook up their TV. Have a giggly afternoon!!!

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