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   We went to Paige's 2nd birthday party yesterday! WHAT FUN!!!! She was sooooo busy! She had a Dora Spacewalk! One of Lovie's Aunts REALLLLLLY wanted to get in! ~*giggle*~ Every gift Paige opened she would tell her Mommy, "Open!" She wanted to play with EVERYTHING right then!!! She was too cute! We had a great visit with the family and Paige had a great time! PICS!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy birthday dear Paige...

"Lovie" had a fun time too!

She was not too keen on "Big Chris" filming her!

The Kaiser's Krewe (Lovie's family)

Cody (brother) Calinda (Mom) Jack (Dad) Harold (Jaclyn's fiance) Jaclyn (sister) Paige (niece) Chris (Lovie) & Me!!

   We did not sleep much over the wkend...We stayed up late every night watching TV and on our computers... We went shopping Friday night, to lunch Saturday the party on Sunday. I will be going to bed EARLY tonight!!!
   I have not done ANY house work today!!!! I have been having major web page problems I have been straightening out! GRRRRRrrrrrrr! Thank goodness I got it all straight! Yeah...by DUMPING everything off the page!!!! Had to start from scratch! But it's all good! That is why you will see boxes with an X in them, the are no longer there...
   I posted some pic of my aquarium...click HERE to see!!! I had a pregnant guppy that went into delivery Saturday, she died giving birth! She only had five babies. Now there are only three in the net!?!?! We do not know where they went! I hope I do not loose the others. Have a giggly afternoon...

YOU know who YOU are!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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