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   57 out!!! It feels kinda like winter! But it will not last long, by Friday it will be back in the 70's! I want to wear winter clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a BEAUTIFUL faux fur coat that I have not even been able to wear! Bummer!
   Speaking of "buying"...I got the deal of the day!!! I bought two items from Coldwater Creek today for a TOTAL of $27!!!!!!!! That was tax and shipping included!!! GO ME ! GO ME !

HOW cute are these? Originally $59, got em for $14.99!!!!

Originally $99! Got it for $9.99!!!! Can you believe that, $9.99!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a bargain!!!

   We went to New Orleans Saturday...WOW! What a MESS! I would have rathered gone home to Biloxi where there is nothing left than to New Orleans to that mess! My heart goes out to those folks! Be sure to check Photos to Giggle At to see pics! I want to go back soon to take more pics, we did not take many in town.
   We went to the French Market and did some shopping! What fun, I had never (with ALL the times I have been to NO) been! What FUN I had buying "stuff"!!!!!! My sister, my niece and I all bought a beautiful bag with a charcoal drawing printed on it of Jackson Square, "Lovie" bought some "yummy" smelling candles, I got a "Chocolate City" tee-shirt, and some more goodies!!!! I WILL be visiting the French Market again!!!
   "Felix" is doing great! He is feeling alot better, running around like a wildcat! (no pun intended!) I was worried about "Lexi" bullying him while he was recovering, but it is almost like she knows he had surgery, she is being "nice" as she can be to him! Now "Miss. Gabby" goes in the morning!!!! Well it is lunch time and I am hungry after my workout! Have a giggly day!

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  2. What a BUMMER! They were out of the outfit! First come first serve! I MISSED it by seconds I am sure! POO!


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