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Why people have to go behind a persons back to ask about them is beyond me! If you read something on here why not come to me? And HOW DARE YOU BLASPHEME ME for what I put on MY PERSONAL PAGE!!!!
If you would notice the lil bug at top BUSY BODIES MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! And as stated on the main page "My page and blog are full of my personal thoughts and feelings which are not meant to make anyone angry or hurt feelings, this is MY page where I can express myself, my thoughts and my feelings... Remember we live in America and we all are entitled to our own opinions! If you feel or think differently.. Do not leave negative remarks in my comments or tagboard or go behind my back my family and friends!! You can e-mail me or come to ME if you have a problem with anything on this page!"
If you have a problem with what I write on the WEB, then have the decency to come to me, oh but you don't have deceny about yourself now do you?!!!!!!

Get a life and read someone else' blog, STAY OUT OF MINE! Nosey Rosie!

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