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      We went back to Biloxi this wknd! My daddy came in and we took him. We went back to The Palace to eat and gamble, my Momma won $1000!!!!!! She had put her third dollar in a $1 machine!!!!! She was sooo tickled! Then she won $52 right before we left!
   Friday night we ate at my sisters site and then all headed to bed so we could get up and get on the road the next morning. Well Momma had to go get something out of her truck and it was dark, she turn to go around it and fell over a tree limb that was sticking out of the burn pile!!!! She hit face first and it knocked her out! My Dad said he heard a lady moaning, but thought it was their neighbours!!! ~*giggle*~ Her face is pretty beat up looking and kinda bruised under her eyes! But her winning sure made up for it.
   Lovie received his results Wednesday and he has a 0 sperm count. The DR said it can most probley be corrected with sugery. He goes to the uroligist Thrusday!!!! I am praying it will be somehting simple they can fix. We are getting really excited thinking that maybe after 13 years we just might get blessed with a child!!! Keep ua in your prayers!
   It is cold tonight, I know 59 doesn't seem cold, but we have been having verra spring like weather! It is nice to wear some winter clothes for a change! Brrrrrr! I am going to snuggle under my electric blanket right after Desperate Housewives!!! Have a giggly night!

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