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   We had a GREAT wkend!!! Friday night we went downtown to the Festival of Lights, what FUN!!!! We started out by listening and signing Christmas carols, then walked to the Old Governors Mansion to see Santa and Mrs. Claus, then on to The First Presbyterian Church for the living manger and town of Bethlaham display. Then it was back to the Old State Capital to see Santa in The Senate. We ran into some friends and talked with them for a bit. We stopped at Sonic on the way home for a burger, we were verra hungry!
   We both got on our computers when got home and settled in to watch the game. I took a much needed nap! I woke up to watch LSU get stomped by Georgia! Come on Tigers what is the deal?!??!?!? Lovie had given up and changed the station! I finished watching The Wizard of Oz. We both stayed up late watching TV and on our computers.
   I had planned on sleeping in this morning, but...My eyes popped open at 9am! POO! Lovie got up after I did and we made coffee. Around 1pm we decided to go to PetsMart to do a little Puppy Claus shopping for the kiddies. A friend of our called from the campground and we meet them at Chilies for some food and visitation. We had a nice visit with them. After we headed over to PetsMart and bought some great goodies for our fur babies! We came home stuffed the stockings (we always do that to keep the lil stinkers out of their goodies!!) and settled in for the night. I am watching Desparate Housewives then it is off the bed with my book. Hope you had a great wkend!!!

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