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   Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one! We had a good one! Thursday morning we sleep late, we were due at Pawpaw's for 2pm to eat, we headed that way around noon. After some verra yummy food and great visit we headed over to Lovie's Dad's. Lovie ate a little dressing and turkey and I had a piece of pecan pie there. Lovie's Dad had tried a new sweet potato recipe, which added pineapple to it, it had rave reviews, I did not try it, but I am sure it was yummy. We had a great visit there too! He headed home to meet Lovie's Mom, she was coming for movie night and to stay the night with us. We watched The Honeymooners, it was good but not as funny as I thought it would be.
   Friday we went to the campground for the wkend. That afternoon we had Thanksgiving dinner again with my sister and her hubby. We all went to bed early that night. Saturday we lounged most of the day then got dressed and us four went to Slidell to Sam's and then to dinner at Ground Patti. Lovie, Tink and I bought books, so we all we ready to get in our campers and snuggle up with them!!!!! Lovie stayed up all night and finished his book. I woke at 5:45am got dressed packed up and we headed home around 6am!!! We were home, unpacked and showered and in the bed by 7:15am!!!!!! We napped most of the day. We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!
   This week has pasted FAST!!!! Lovie stayed home today because our insurance agent was coming by. We have made a claim for wind damage to our home. Well...They had sent someone out a few weeks ago to take pics and such, well those pics and that person are no where to be found! So we are having to start over!!!!!! There is a good bit of damage to the house, the back porch has moved away from the the house, all our door frames have cracks above them, our floor tiles are cracking off the floor, and the whole house shakes when you walk!!!!! I am nervous about what is about to take place!!! I have a feeling we are gonna be out of our house for a while...
   Our friends that went to Disney with us just found out they are having a baby!!!!!! We are SOOOOOOO excited for them! She is due in early July, thank goodness she will not have to go trough the hot part of summer!!! I can not wait to spoil the lil one rotten!!! ~*giggle*~
   Our "Mr. Felix Unger" is growing like wild fire...Check him out, what a handsome kitty!!!

   Well I am off to snuggle with my book, I hope my legs calm a bit, I am having leg cramps!!!!! And back to not sleeping much! blah! Have a giggly night!

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