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We had a FULL wkend! One of our local malls was giving away $25 shopping cards to the first 1000 shoppers!!! Which was perfect because we were starting our Christmas shopping on Saturday! We got in line and got out cards!! $50 comes in handy this time of year!!Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! We did some shopping and then went to eat Mexican then headed home for the game!

GEAUX TIGAS!!! Beat Bama 16 - 13

Dwayne Bowe catches the game winning TD in overtime

   Sunday we sleep , well...Lovie sleep till 11am, I was up at 9:30am ~*giggle*~ We got dressed and went to town. We had to go to Wally World! Lovie cooked, fried chicken, field peas, rice & gravy and cornbread! It was SOOOOO YUMMY! I told Momma she has created a monster giving him all her cooking tips!!!! His cornbread tasted like mommas!
   While in Wally World there was a little boy about 5, running up and down the meat department screaming HEYYYY!!!! I thought right off "oh what a bad child" then I realized he was autistic. His Mom keep her eyes on him as he was going around picking out his favorite things and was telling her about them. This man SCREAMED at the little boy "Stop screaming in this store!". His mother told the rude man, "he is disables"! He told her she was disabled for not making her son behave! She told him he or she could not help it, he called her a "dumb bitch"!!!
   Now you know me, Lucy always getting in trouble! I went back down to where I could see him, and told him how he was very rude and he should be ashamed of himself! The poor lady was crying, and was saying how sorry she was, I told her not to let him get to her! She said I am trying to do my best, I told her not to worry, living in the town we do is nice, but we have to put up with stupid rednecks like him! What an idiot! I felt so sorry for her! I hope the rest of her and her sons day was a good one. They will be in my prayers.
   I am getting some things done this week to prepare for decorating this wkend!!! We are so busy Thanksgiving we always decorate the week before. We will not do outdoors till the wkend after Thanksgiving. But we will start this coming wkend inside and I will work on it all next week. HEAUX! HEAUX! HEAUX! Only 41 more days!!!!
   OMG! I am flipping between Martha Stewart and Jerry Springer! On Jerry there is a man that is sleeping with his niece and he wants to tell his wife about it. The wife is pregnant. The nice comes out trying to hit the wife! Then she telling her Unlce/Lover she is in love and sleeping with his daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She told Jerry she is a lessy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! What a tangled web we weave!!!! Only on Jerry!?! Now the two "lessies" are beating the crap out of each other!!!!! And the wife is chanting "Kick her ass", "Kick her ass'!!!!

   Anyway...I went to the doctor Friday, and of course the doctor was running about 45 minutes behind! Before he came back, he had to go to the hospital for a delivery!!! So I saw the nurse practitioner. She told me she doesn't "see" any reason I am not getting pregnant, but it could be a blocked tube, ( I only have one!) or it could be Lovie since he was premature and was in Desert Storm (the "shots"!!!) So...We will start testing in January to find out what the problem is. So maybe there is still hope for us! Keep us in your prayers!!!!
   Well this basket of clothes is not getting folded, so I guess I better get to it! Have a giggly day!!

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