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About an hour ago I heard "Pebble's" (my parents pup, she is staying with us while they are gone) barking. Chris was telling our kids to hush, I told him it was "Pebble's" and to go see what she was barking at, ha came back to bed and said he did not see anything. We settled back in and she is still barking, so I got up, only about 2 minutes had passed, I looked out our front door and there was a car in our ditch!!!!! NOT AGAIN!?!?!? I went back to get my robe and told him " you goofy thing did you not see that car?", he said he didn't!!!
   We went outside and the lady driving had called her hubby and he was there with her. It appeared maybe she had dosed off for a sec and went off the rode. She came in the ditch went over our driveway and back in the ditch. The front of her car was messed up, but thank God she was not hurt! Her dad and brother came and pulled her car out, it came right out with no problems. Poor lady was really shaken. She hugged me when the car came out saying, Thank God! I think it had hit her at that moment how lucky she was! Thank you God once again...
   It is FINALLY getting cooler here again!!! We had a unseasonable hot few weeks! I just hope it stays cool for Thanksgiving!!!! I am ready to wear sweaters, tights and boots!!! Well have a giggly day, I need another cup of coffee. "It's amazing how you don't hear from a person till they want something"!

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