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I can not wake up today! I go from not sleeping to not being able to get awake!!! GRRRRRR! I guess I can wake up because of this dreary weather. I am ready for the cool weather that is suppose to be here! I want to wrap up in a blanket with thick socks on my feet!!!
   We are going to start our Christmas shopping Saturday. The game comes on at 2:30pm so it will not be a full day for us! But hopefully we can knock out part of our Christmas List!!!
   What is worse Brittany Spears or Marguerite Perrin? Neither are worse they are both bottom of the SWAMP!!! Of all people to be on TV from Louisiana!!! White Trash and Mrs. Insane! I can not get over how Mrs. Perrin acted on NATIONAL TV!!!! What a bible beaten nut case! I was so embarrassed for her family. There is NOTHING worse than someone trying to be what they are not and never will be! Just for fun go to this page (click HERE) and read some of the post!! TOO FUNNY!

   In the book I am reading, Can you Keep a Secret, one character brags about the price he paid for his car, how more pathetic can a person get? How shallow to brag about how much you paid for something. Get a LIFE! Gansta ride!
   I am SOO ready or thanksgiving dinner!! YUMMY! 14 days and counting!!! Gone to soak in a hot bath! have a giggly rest of your day!

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