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Last night "Belle", "Lexi" and I were in bed sound asleep, I rolled over and my knees bumped "Belle"...She started SCREAMING! I jumped up and Lovie came running in, we picked her up and she was still yelping. We put her on the bed and she stopped and tried to walk and yelped again. We got her back asleep, but even so often she would cry out. First thing this morning Lovie took her to the vet, they checked her and said she had a compressed disk in her neck and muscle trauma! HOW BAD do I feel?!?!?! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I injured my lil baby!!! I cried of course! The vet gave her meds to take everyday till she is better.
   We had to leave the house for a bit, we both were a little nervous about leaving her. Went went on to the grocery, and hurried back. We got to the door and heard "Belle" barking happily!!! We went in and she was running and playing!!! Oh how my heart lifted!!! We bought her a snugly pillow to lay on while recouping, she loves it!
   My Momma is leaving in the morning to go to Florida with my Daddy. They will be there till Dec.7. I will miss our daily chats on the phone every morning while watching The View, but we can video chat!!! Hopefully this month will pass fast!
   Last night we went to dinner with my parents, my Aunt and Uncle from Missouri (momma's sister), my sister and brother-in-law at Boutin's. Oh the plum sauce! YUM-ME! The food was great, the music got our feet jigging, and the company was wonderful. I love spending time with my Aunt and uncle, I wish we all lived closer!
   Lovie cooked a chocolate fudge cake with toasted pecans, I am going to cut me a piece !!!!!! It is almost time for Mad TV!!!! Have a great rest of your wkend!

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