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   Momma told me my niece was going to be in a clip on Oprah today. I recorded the show, I had missed her on the first part but thank goodness it had recorded the entire episode. I watched it till I found her. I paused it and took a pic of her! This lil girl stole my heart so many years ago, and has earned her wings for sure! I could not be more proud!

Ashley rescuing two babies and partner

   I watched the entire Oprah show, and I cried and cried. The bodies floating in the water and on side of the streets is unreal. I wonder how could these bodies be left behind, I understand that some floated away from their loved ones, but to be left dead on side of the road I can not fathom. I am so thankful for what I have and my family! I am holding on verra tight to my family and friends!

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