Tearful Goodbye

She sits on the railing of highway 10 passing the time
Has she done something wrong or committed a crime

People pass her not even looking in her eye
No even telling her where they are going or even goodbye

They look down at the body that lies at her feet
Never stopping the line moving down the street

They make the sign of the cross and turn away
As if to say God help you on this day

A child passes with a smile upon his face
He slows his father to a slower pace

He looks at her as if to say
Its ok to go on your way

Don't cry or ever ask why
Just bid the city a tearful goodbye

Spread you wings now and fly
High into heaven in the sky

I know it's hard to leave them all behind
But let me take your worries off your mind

Don't worry about your family and how they will cope
Just know that now they live in the City of Hope

By : Jeauxdi

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