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   All is well here with my family. My niece and her roommate are homeless...Her home was lifted off the pillars, they were renters and luckily have renters insurance! They have found somewhere to live in Baton Rouge close to her parents, now the task is to get in and get their belongings. She is a EMT for Acadian in New Orleans and has been working every other day since Katrina hit. The mental anguish she is dealing with right now is unreal! She loaded 250 bodies yesterday. After this is all over and done with she deserves a vacation!
   Chris Mom came from Atlanta which is normally an 8 hour drive., it took her right at 14 hours to get here. Chris' Aunt (his Mom's sister) had water in her home, but not sure how high it went in it. Her husband is in NO volunteering at his friends pizza place and had the chance to get to their house. They are staying with Chris' grandparents in Baton Rouge, the enrolled their boys to start school Tuesday morning.
   Chris' Mom and Aunt volunteered in Baton Rouge yesterday at the temp hospital. Momma Linda said it was unreal the people and no supplies! His Aunt is a RN and she worked triage and Momma Linda placed people where they needed to go. They are both going back in the morning.
   We have several friends from the campground that are now homeless. The campground had lots of trees down and no power, which means no water for them either. They have been working hard to get it all cleared so the electric company can come in. Some of the ones that lost their homes in NO will be staying at the campground I am sure.
   My Mom's cousin lost his home in NO also, he bought it 30 yrs ago for $18,000!!!!! He told my AUnt that he came to Baton Rouge for the storm, and he plans on moving to Shreveport. He doesn't want to go back. I hope he changes his mind, he can not let his spirit break.
   I know a lot of people have been glued to the TV watching, I have been. It is unreal what we are seeing. But no one can give up on New Orleans. I have always wanted to live there, the spirit there in over whelming! When you enter the parish you feel it come over you, I am praying that feeling will not die.
   The pointing of fingers of whom is to plan needs to stop! They need to worry about getting the rest of the people out. We should take this as a lesson learned. But I do agree with Mayor Neigen, it is a class issue not race! Please keep the Gulf Coast in your prayers!
   Saturday was my 38th birthday, we went to visit with my Daddy and Momma for a bit then went to Target. I was surprised they had a lot of people in the store but had plenty of food. They even told all the shoppers to take a bag of ice on their way out. We did not take a bag, we did not need it. We had friends over that night, and then was surprised from my best friend and her family! Everyone had left and I had 40 minutes of my birthday left, Lovie cut me a piece of cake and came in with it and a MATCH for a candle!!!!!!! How could you not love that man?!?!?!?! I had a great birthday!

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