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   My girls went for a day of beauty today!!! It was verra strange to not have them here with me and "Elizah", but LOOK at how beautiful they are!

   Lovie called today from the prison and ask me if I still wanted a tuxedo cat!?!?!?! I said YES!!! A friend of his had rescued three after Katrina outside the prison and had one male left. We named him "Felix", he is not sure about the puppy kids yet, but I am sure they will get along, at least I HOPE so! Meet "Felix"!

   He is on the love seat, "Belle" is on the sofa. "Elizah" is under the bed and "Lexi" is under Lovie's chair! I am curious to see what is going to take place at bed time! Who will sleep where? Have a giggly night!

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