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   I really do not know how much more I can take! I feel like running away! We rode Rita out in our house! Everything was ok, but it was TOOO nerve racking! Taylor and his mom came to stay with us, we ate dinner watched tv, Taylor and Lovie played computer games, ect...Everything was going great, then the wind started! It was blowing so hard you could hear it through the door and windows. A few times it would sound so bad, I would mute the tv and my sister-in-law and I would just stare at each other! It was SCARY! We lost lights at 11pm, Lovie did not want to open the door and loose the cool air. My sister-in-law went to the extra bedroom to get some sleep, she had to leave for work at 5am. Taylor, Lovie and I sleep in the living room. After a while we had to open the doors and get a breeze!
   I woke up around 10 and found Lovie in our bed, and Taylor awake playing with the pups. I went to look outside at the front door, most of our screen was blow loose! As I was standing there a hummingbird came in and flew up to the garland I have around our door, I looked at him and told him these were not real flowers! He was just inches from my face! I have never seen one close up, it was amazing!!!! He flew away to go back out and got stuck on a panel that still had the screen intact, Taylor and I tried to get him to fly down and around but we couldn't. We woke up Lovie to help us, he pushed the screen loose to let him go, dahhhh we could have done that!!!
   We went to town to find somewhere open to eat. We had Burger King then to Sonic for a Blast! yummy! When we got back the lights were back on!!!!! We all took a hot shower then settled in for some tv, computer and air conditioning!! I went down for a nap and left the boys playing games. My sister-in-law came to pick Taylor up and guess what?!?!?! The lights went out again!!!!!! We sat here for about 20 minute and Lovie said lets go for a ride! As we got down the rode some we saw the lights come back on, we made a loop around ton and went back home. I do not plan on riding out another one!
   Lovie had bought himself a new computer chair, well it was the only one left at Sam's and it was a display, he felt like he was sitting off to one side, so we took it back to another Sam's to exchange it. We went to Shoe Station after and lookie at what I bought!

Of course thy did not have my size in PINK!!! I will have to order them off the net! I LOVE them, they are verra comfy! I plan on buying a few more colors!!!! Lovie wants a pair too, but he is not sure about them yet!! But once he puts them on he will want a pair!!!!
   LSU football tonight!!!! The game was postponed from Saturday due to Rita. SOOooooooo it is all PURPLE and GOLD tonight!!!!! GEAUX TIGAS!!!!

Have a giggly day!

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