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   We went to the campground this wkend, it is not the same! It is full of workers from all over the country! They FLY in their vehicles like race car drivers, we almost were hit several times while riding the golfcart! Then we hear a story about a peeping tom!!! OMG! I have all out windows covered, not Momma and my sister have theirs covered too.
   And RUDE....you wave and say hello and they just look at you like you speak a foreign language or like you have done something wrong! Momma was told by a worker at the campground "learn to live with we have to for awhile"! HA! We don't HAVE to live with it!
   Momma, Taylor and I went shopping Saturday to get away from the campground for the day. Taylor wanted a voodoo kit to show the kids at his new school what voodoo is all about. Well he and Momma found one and bought it...it was a voodoo doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It scared Taylor so he gave it to Tink! He told Momma "it was giving him a bad vibe"! It was too funny. He was all excited too about showing his new friends in North Carolina all about voodoo.
   Speaking of North Carolina my brother, sister-in-law, Taylor and Mikayla are leaving next Saturday to move there! It is going to be verrra hard not having them here with us all the time! We will have video chat and holidays though!
   Daddy and the rest of the workers could not work Friday do to red tide! The tide came it and it was red and foamy, when they went on the beach to start work all of them started coughing. So they got all of them off the beach and closed it for the day. Daddy said the fish were washing up on the beach dead and smelled really bad! Poor thing must have been bored bad, he called Momma several times that day. I miss him!
   It is almost time for Desperate Housewives then it is off to bed with my book! Have a giggly night!

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