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Batten down the hatches!!!!!!!!!! Our bags are packed, pictures in boxes, have food together and water! We are going to a friends home since we have a above the ground wooden house. SOme of my family are going to a hotel in town for the same reason, but the hotel doesn't allow pets, so...We can not go with my family! But I am glad we will be kinda close to them since my Daddy and my brother-in-law are not here. Brother-in-law should be home sometime late tonight.
We had to go get our camper and secure everything. We filled our fresh water take just in case we need water. I just wish our camper was self contained, for when we loose the lights! NO A/C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My niece is a EMT in New Orleans, she has to stay put! She called this morning to tell everyone she loved them. I pray she is ok through this! I do not like that she has to stay but I understand too. I love you Ash!
Well I need to get this finished up around here, I will keep ya posted, might even call a post in to hear the wind!!! Good luck to the ones in the path and please keep us in your prayers!


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