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   Some FREAK IMed my on Yahoo! yesterday with "You are beautiful". I thought "thanks for the compliment". I relied with "my hubby thinks so too" and "who is this". I tell ya who it is a FREAK! Check out the FREAKS profile. Make sure you view the links at the bottom of his profile! There are some really strange people out there!
   My desk top is on the way!!!!!!!!!! YEEHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so ready to have my own back, that way Lovie and I can get on at the same time!!!! This sharing bit is for the birds!!! I do not like to share! Just a few more days!!!
   Our recliners came in yesterday morning. I had a brain fart on the colors!!! ~*giggle*~ Lovie's is brown and mine is beige. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I took me an two hour nap in mine this morning!
   Something is wrong with me! I drink coffee in the morning and it is like a sleeping pill for me! That is the reason I took a two hour nap this morning! I have not check my sugar lately, but I am praying I am not diabetic!!! My Mommas mother was and on shots and my Daddy is on meds!! That is two sides with it! Aghhhhhh! Say a prayer for me!

Have a giggly day!

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