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   The heat index is 107!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, will this heat ever end!?!?!?! I am still praying to the weather God for cooler temps! Please, Please, Please! I am ready to decorate for fall and Halloween! But first there is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yahoo!!!!! Happy birthday to me...Happy birthday to me... Oh sorry ~*giggle*~
   Lovie and I went to pick out recliners today! His is leather and mine is durapella, both the same color of beige. I am ready to relax in my new chair!!!!!!
   We also went by Curves for Women, all I wanted was the price! The girl told me I am not suppose to discuss that with you........ WHY!?!?!?!?!? SHe FINALLY told me it was $149 to regeister, but if I signed up today the price would be $75. THen $31.76 a month. The monthly charge I can live with, but the $75, NO WAY!!!! Just for them to hand write all my info into a notebook!?!?!? NOT! Not worth it o me, I have a treadmill and do yoga here at home for free!!! It was worth the thought I guess.
   We had to go to Wal Mart to get meds also, it was HOT as always in there. I could not get my clothes off fast enough when we got back home! Lovie is in the pool taking a cool swim.
   Have a great rest of your day, and stay cool... I am off to the sofa to watch TV, since I have now computer and Lovie needs on here tonight!

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