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   We had a GREAT Mothers Day wkend. My sister and I went shopping Saturday and found some GREAT deals! 50% off, with an additional 15% off!!! I saved $184.00 WOW!!! 4 outfits and 4 pair of shoes! Then we went into a shoe store (MY WEAKNESS) and they were having a great sale too! Buy one get one half off, I bought 4 pair in there!
   Saturday night Lovie fried whole catfish, fillet catfish and oysters. YUM-ME! We ate till we all could have popped! We rode the golfcart for a bit, but was too stuffed to go to the dance ~*giggle*~
   Sunday morning, the men went to have breakfast together and left us girls in bed! We I got dressed I went over to Momma's, we all three had lime green on! TOO CUTE! When we got home Sunday afternoon Lovie took a shower and laid down, he sleep for 3 hours!!! I could not sleep, so I did my nails.
   Lovie and I went by his grandparents yesterday afternoon. Lovie helped Pawpaw with a few things and I help Mawmaw and Mrs. Mary with some curtains. We had a good visit with them. I love their new house!
   I have not started on my Disney scrapbook yet, for some reason it is intimidating me! I have been looking at layout on the net to help me out! I might start on it tomorrow! I will post pics when I get some done!
   I hope all of you had a great Mothers Day. My shopping spree made my Puppy Mothers Day!!!! Have a great day!

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