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   It has been a long day. My doctor took me off my acid reflux meds, lets just say I called him Friday to get me back on them! He thought that I was having from quitting smoking, and I should be over it, well not! I burned and still am burning with it all wkend! But I am back on the meds and all will be well soon!
   Friday night we went to eat at Cracker Barrel, the shopping was ALOT better than the food, now I remember when I do not eat when there! YUK-E!!!! Daddy bought Mikayla the cutest tee-shirt that has Grandpa's Sweet Pea on it, TOO CUTE!!! Brother-in-law bought her a Baby Monkey and a cute hat that matches the tee-shirt!
   Saturday Momma, Tink, Donna and I went shopping. We had a ball, and found some great sales! That night we cooked on the grill, went to the dance then rode the golfcarts. Sunday brother-in-law cooked, my brother, sister-in-law, Taylor and Mikayla came to spend the day. We had a great time with them! It was yet ANOTHER great wkend with the family!
   I still can not get Disney out of my mind, so I have made a decision to get a Tinkerbell tattoo on my ankle. I know it will hurt, but I want it verra bad, when I do I will post pics!!! Well I am off to bed, Momma, Mikayla and I are spending the day together tomorrow! Have a giggly night!

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