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   I am feeling better! Oh yeah...I was sick with a nasty cold all last week, and poor Lovie had it too and had to work with it! My poor baby! We went to the campground this wkend, we slept last Saturday and Sunday!!! Momma threw rocks at my window this morning till I woke up ~*giggle*~ LA-Z bones!
   I can not get Disney out of my mind! If it was not so far from family we would move there and go to work at Disney!!! I am so ready to go back, I could be pack in no time flat to go!!! We wanted to go back for Labor Day wkend, for my birthday and do Universal, but a four day wkend would not be enough time! So we are going on a 4 day cruise! I can not wait to do more snorkeling!
   We snorkeled at Typhoon Lagoon with the sharks! It was toooooooo much fun! I loved it! They told us not to kick our feet and keep moving slowly forwards...ok...well a tiger shark started swimming towards me, I went paddling backwards! One of the lifeguards told me "ma'am keep moving forwards and do not kick your feet" ~*giggle*~ Of course "Lucy" me had to be the one getting in trouble!
   We had a great wkend camping! The weather was wet and cold Saturday, but it was a beautiful day today! This cool weather is freaking us out, but we are not complaining, it is normally VERRA HOT and STEAMY here by this time of year! South Louisiana has two season HOT and COLD!
   Well it is bedtime! Hope your wkend was a great fun one! Have giggly dreams!

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