9:47 pm      59

   I smell eggs...I am sure everyone has plans for Easter wkend! I am hitching a ride with Daddy, Momma, Taylor and Mikayla in the morning to the campground. Lovie has to work, he will come to the house get our stuff and the puppie kids and meet us out there. We will be busy lil bees all wkend at the campground, LOTS of things going on! Busy, busy!
   I went with Momma today to the eye doctor...I would have never guessed that her new eye doctor was an old friend of ours! We have not seen him since before he left for college! Lovie will go visit him next week.
   Lovie bathed the puppie kids tonight while I packed out stuff. Now we will settle in for the night and I am going to bed and try to go to sleep! I am still not getting to sleep very well... I need to go back to the doctor! Well, have a great Easter and do not eat too much candy!

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