6:33pm      72

   I stayed in bed all day with my heating pad! AWGH......................Pack My Suitcase!!!! I had cramps verra bad! Lovie went to Sam's Club today, he bought us The Incredible's!! I can not wait to watch it, but American Idol comes on tonight, so after it goes off we will watch it! ~*giggle*~
   I used my Veet hair removal today. It works good, but I had shaved yesterday so there was not that much to remove! After I showered then put on some L'Oreal Sublime Bronzer Self Tanner. I like it so far, all but it made my polish on my fingers and toes tacky feeling! So I took that off and I am repolishing them. But my color looks good so far, I used the lotion one on my face. It is GREAT to have color again, with my summer last year I did not get much of a tan, and I do not want to go on vaca white!!!!!
   I need to go to the doctor about my foot. This rash or what ever this is on the bottom of my foot is driving my nutty! I have been using some fungal cream on it and it is not getting better at all. I have been putting it on there for over three weeks! it is only on one foot and Lovie does not have it, so it is not athletes foot. It comes and goes, it is strange!
   Well it is dinner time, gone to eat...have a giggly night!

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