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   Oh my I ate too much Easter candy! Thank goodness I only received a small chocolate Easter bunny! But Momma had a basket of candy for us all to eat out of!
   I hitched a ride with Momma and daddy Friday morning to the campground because Lovie had to work and I had to take pictures most of the day. Momma, daddy and Mikayla went to have lunch, Taylor stayed at the park with me to play with his friends. That afternoon everyone had arrived we all went to dinner together. Of course we all ate too much and went in early after we got back to the campground.
   Saturday morning it was up and adam, time to get to work! Lovie went with my brother-in-law to buy tv's for their new camper. Between taking pics we rode the golfcart. The campground was packed! There were kids and adults everywhere!!
   Daddy, Momma and I took Mikayla to play in the kiddie playground, she had a ball. She was ready for a nap after that, so we all went for a good afternoon rest. I did not get to sleep before it was time to be back up to take more pics! bummer...
   My brother-in-law surprised my sister with a new puppy for Easter! A toy pom! She is the cutest thing! She still has not decided for sure on a name, first we thought Kizzy then Daisey, she also likes Demi. Any of those will fit that lil cutey!
   That night we bar-b-qued at my sisters site. Taylor feel in LOVE with that puppy! He got in her pin with her and feel asleep cuddled up with her! TOO CUTE! After we ate Daddy, Momma, Taylor and Mikayla went to bed. Tink, Lovie and I cleaned up and visited a while longer. She went in to settle in with the new baby. We went to the dance for a bit, but I started with the hives as I do every night! So we went in too.
   Sunday morning we got up to get ready for another busy day. Lovie had to go with brother-in-law to town while I got dressed. We all took Mikayla to hunt Easter eggs! Daddy took her on the field to find the eggs, she was too cute! At first she did not know what to do, but then she got the hang of it and she was running for the eggs! TOO funny! She did not like the Easter Bunny this year! Poor thing cried! Taylor did not want to hunt for eggs, so he sat on the golf cart with me and watched. He is growing up too fast! But he had a great wkend!

   Well I am off to bed, I went to Momma's to stay with the kids while they went to take care of some business, so I am beat! Hope everyone had a blessed Easter and spent time with family and friends as we did. Have a giggly night!

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