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   It has been awhile... We are both feeling much better! I was starting to think neither one of us was going to get rid of that mess! Lovie had a sniffle this afternoon and blew and there was blood on the tissue. I hope he is not getting it again!
   We have 23 days till Disney! I am getting more and more excited!!! I went shopping again with Momma then with Tink! with Momma I bought three pair of shoes ~*giggle*~ and a shirt. The shirt is TOOOOOO cute! It is a camp shirt, plaid, pink, orange, yellow and cream color with... get this... Fink Plamingo's on it!!!! How cute is that!?!?!? Too CUTE! I ordered a pair of comfy walking shoes from www.skechers.com, check them out!

   Well I am off to bed, I have been doing better with the new meds, I am getting up in the morning now!! YAHOO!!!!! Have a giggly night!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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