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   I did some shopping this wkend! I bought 7 shirts, 2 capris, 1 skort and Lovie 2 pair of shoes. I still need a few things for the trip and I the dress I ordered is back ordered! Bummer! I hope it comes in soon! I received the shoes over the wkend, I LOVE them!
   Our tickets came in the mail today for Disney! One has Mickey on it and one has Minnie on it! HOW CUTE is that?!?!?!? Lovie said he wants the Minnie one, he is so silly!
   I did all the wash today and got all the folded ones done and put away, now in the morning I will be in front of the ironing board! BLAH! I DO NOT like to iron! It is not to bad now that most of it goes to the cleaners!
   We are staying home this wkend to clean the yard and get some things done around here. I have a million things to do before our trip! Good news! My 2nd mother-in-law is going to keep our puppy kids for us!!! She has a pup and a nice fenced dog yard. I am SOOOOOO relieved to know they will be taken wonderful care of! I was REALLY stressed out over it! Lovie checked today into a boarding resort, they would have their own room (all 3 together) with bed, tv, sofa, and you can log on to see them on the webcam, but... and I STRESS but, it would have cost us $525 for all three for seven days!!! NO way I was paying that! I love my kids dearly but that is a little much! So they will spend the week with their grandparents, uncle and uncle pup!
   We bought a PS2! We both LOVE video games and have been looking at them for awhile now. We have our PlayStation in the camper and play golf together when we go in at night. So now we have the PS2 we have been playing games here at home again! ~*giggle*~ We bought Finding Nemo when we got the unit, it is so much fun, it goes along with the movie! He bought two more games today, NCAA Football 2003 and Outlaw Golf 2! He is now setting up his team on the football game to have all the correct players names for LSU! GEAUX TIGAS!!!!!!!
   Ok I am missing Medium, but it is recording, I will watch it after I iron in the morning! Have a giggly night and sweet dreams!

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