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   Happy Monday! 19 days till our trip!!!!! YAHOO!!!! Lovie and I went shopping yesterday to get him the things he needed and of course I bought a few things too. ~*giggle*~
   We are watching Nanny 911, I can not believe my eyes!!! This lady lets her little boy pee outside, in the shower, in the sink, or in THE STREET!!!!!!!!!!! The WORST part... the "mother" takes him outside or to where ever he would like to pee!!! This lady must be out of her mind!
   I took Momma to the doctor today to help her because she had Mikayla today. Mikayla sang and read to us in the waiting room, she is too cute! She stole a mans heart at lunch, he laughed and laughed at her!
   After a full day of Ms. Mikayla, I am beat! I took a soak in a hot bath!!! I did my nails florescent pink!! Well it is time for popcorn, I did not eat dinner! have a great night!

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