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   My Lovie has his own Blog now!!! ~*giggle*~ I told him it will help to keep him organized and in touch with his inner self. Check it out Procrastination Station Don't forget to tag him!!
   My shoulder and neck were alot worse tis morning. I had a hard time getting gout of bed, and it hurt really bad to breath. Lovie put the hating pad on the sofa for me and brought me a cup of coffee, he is so good to me! I did not move much after that, I stayed on the sofa with the heat on me. I did muster up the energy to fold some clothes and put them away then soak in a hot bath.
   We watched The Village last night, NOT scary!!! But GREAT MOVIE!!!! The ending will throw you for a loop! Makes you stop and think, it can happen, how can you blame them for making a better life for their families?
GREAT MOVIE -       

   Of course we watch American Idol tonight and of course it was great!!! I can not wait till next week for New Orelans!!!!!! I hope they have great ones!
   Lovie ordered us Popa Johns Pizza and it is snot here yet! Hmph! I am hungry! We had plans tonight but something came up and they were changed. PIZZA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
   We have not got our dates for our trip yet, but we think it will be the last week of April. We are getting VERRA excited!! We plan on buying a scrapbook album to do just for the Disney trip! We will take TONS of pics I am sure! And Disney has this new thing called Photo Pass where you get a card and they scan it when they take your pic and upload them, and you can get them with your passcode!! TOO NEAT, we will be doing that!!! We also want to do the breakfast with Cindarella in the castle!!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to do that!!! The last time I went to DisneyWorld was when I was in the third grade!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!

   Well the pizza is here gonna go munch!!! Have a great giggly night!

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