7:27pm      69

   We are going to Disneyworld!!! All expense 7 days 6 nights!!! Yahooooo!!!! I could not be more proud of my Lovie, he won rookie of the year, and earned a place in the presidents club!!!!!

   Being in the presidents club, he won a beautiful Concord watch! Now when he looks to see what time of the day it is, he will be reminded how hard he worked and be proud of himself, as much as I am of him.

   We left Friday morning at 10am. I was nervous about leaving my puppie kids! But we had arranged for our friends to stay the weknd with them, so they were in great hands, and would have lots of love all wkend. But we missed them so much!
   We arrived to the hotel and checked in, we had to go to a meeting for employees and spouses. They went over retirement and insurance...
   We went back to the room and took a shower and got dressed to go to cocktails at 6pm. We went to the golf resort down the street from the casino. What a beautiful club house! we had dinner and awards upstairs. I had redfish with a butter and rosemary, with green beans, and a potato, Chris had the same but steak. The food was great! For dessert we had ice cream with peach cobbler, YUMMY! Then it was time for my Lovie to shine!!!! I knew in my heart that he had won! I was glowing with pride!
   When we arrived back to the hotel it had turned chili! We went to our room and changed clothes, we went over to the casino to find a coffee shop. Bingo!!! We had a yummy warm cup of coffee and then headed back over to slip into a sweet slumber.
   The next morning we went to breakfast together. I felt horrible, I prolly should have stayed in bed, but I would not have seen Lovie till that afternoon, so... After we finished breakfast, Chris grabbed his clubs and headed to the meeting and then to play golf. I got back into my jammies and under the covers! Lovie called around 11am and I was in lala land big time! ~*giggle*~ I talked to him a bit then went back to lala land... Before I knew it Lovie was knocking on the door and calling my cell again to get me to the door. I had slept all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt great, but I sure didn't! Lovie took a shower and I got redressed to go to dinner. We went to bed early since Lovie had another early morning.
   Sunday morning Lovie went to his last meeting and I got ready and packed out luggage. We headed home around 10am!!! going to see our puppies!!!!!
   We had a great time, I just wish I was not sick threw the whole wkend! But I would have not missed seeing my Lovie be awarded for all his hard work! I love you so much My Lovie and I am VERRA proud of you! Sell, sell, sell...

Have a giggly night!

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