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   It FINALLY arrived!! YAHOO!!!! Now I am ready to paint and go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will paint the walls cream and buy black and cream accessories!

   Our New Year wkend was fun! We left on Thursday instead of Wednesday because I started to get sick. Thursday night we went to Catfish Charlies with family and friends. We laughed and ate so much till we all were stuffed and tired!
   We had a get together at our campsite New Years Eve day. We had cocoa and cookies. Everyone and enjoyed each others company very much. The weather was kinda warm for cocoa, but we had some anyway! We even had a fire, but had to sit back from it ~*giggle*~ This is the second year we have done this, so I think we will do it every year now!!!
   New Years Eve was alot of fun. We sat with our friends at the dance and watched the clock. When it got close to midnight we all went by the huge bonfire to wait for the count down! When the clock struck 12 we all kissed and hugged! There is nothing better than ringing in the New Year with the ones you love!
   New Years day I stayed in bed till 2pm! Sore throat and throbbing head! a STINCKEN head cold! blaaaaaa! After I finally drug myself out of bed and got dressed I went over to my sisters to eat New Years dinner. My sister was in bed with hives!!!! poor thing did not get to come out of her camper till the next day! After we ate we rode the golfcarts. Momma and Daddy went in kinda early to get some rest. We had friends visit at our campsite for awhile to sit by the fire. We had friends camping across from us. They came over to play cards and video games for a while, then it was off to bed for all of us!
   Sunday we got home around and relaxed. I went to bed with Nywuil and tissues! So far our week has been busy!!!! I have to get everything done tomorrow for the puppie sisters to stay the wkend with the pups. And I need to get all the laundry done so I can pack for a wkend away. Gone to lay on the sofa and watch movies, then it is off to bed with Nywuil again! Have a great night!

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