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   What a scary wkend! Lovie's Pawpaw fell in the shower Saturday morning! His asthma was acting up pretty bad and he was going to the after hours clinic to get checked, but he wanted to get a shower in case they put him into the hospital, and he fell getting in the tub. He was jammed against the wall with the water on head first with the stopped in! He called for Mawmaw and she tried to get him out but could not move him. She drained the water and got the faucet off then called 911. It took 4 paramedics to get him out because of how he was stuck in the tub. They took him to the ER because his head was cut and his nose was bleeding pretty bad! He started having heart failure! His pace maker was keeping his heart beating! He could not breath with the asthma acting up! So they had to put him on a ventilator. They had to sedated him, because he was over working himself by trying to talk, and he needed to rest and let his breathing get under control.
   We went today to visit at 1pm and he was off the machine and sitting up!!! WOW!!! What a change and a miracle!!! We could not have been happier! The power of prayer amazes me!
   We are both exhausted, hopefully I can get Lovie to go to bed early tonight after he calls to check on pawpaw one more time for the night! Have a giggly night and thank all of you verra much for your prayers and thoughts!!!! What would the world be without family and friends!?!?!?!

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