9:17 am         26

   Merry Christmas Eve!! We just had pancakes and sausage! VERRA YUMMY! No we are watching Miracle on 34th Street, well Lovie is snoring so... ~*giggle*~
   They are still calling for sleet and snow today!!! The birdbath in the front in FROZEN!!! Brrrrr! I am so glad it has gotten cold for Christmas. We have had some that shorts were the dress for the day! But not this year!!!!
   We are going to Lovie's grandparents around noon. Then it to my parents at 6pm. In the morning we will go to Lovie's Dad's. Lots of food for the nest two days!
   At 7pm tonight the bonfires will be lite all along the levee for Popa Noel. We have not been to see them, we watch from the comfort of home!! ~*giggle*~ But without the bonfires Popa Noel would not find his way into all the bayous!

   Well I better get my fanny in the shower!!! Have a wonderful and magical Christmas Eve!

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