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   The weather is going crazy around here! The high today was 76!!! They are calling for snow flurries Friday!!!!!!!!! A white Christmas would be the neatest thing!!!! ~ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... ~ I will keep you posted on this!!! Nothing like snow in south Louisiana!!! ~*giggle*~
   Our party here at home Saturday was wonderful. Of course we had a ton of food. Everyone ate till they could pop!!! Each guest took a turn in my chair!!! ~*giggle*~ Santa came early with my Homedics Shiatsu AntiGravity Recliner We had a fire in the fireplace on the back patio. Mrs. Bertha found the pickle on the tree and won the gift!!!! She received a Santa figurine. We all had a great time visiting with each other. I could not invite all that I wanted due to the size of our house, it is small. We are having another gathering at the campground with cookies and coco!!!! (of course we will have the yummy flavored brandy to go in the coco again!!!) I hope no ones feeling were hurt by not getting invited to my home. I got my self very stressed out over this that night I went to bed with 3 Benedryl, hydocortizon cream and HIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never had hives before and it was not fun!!!!! Poor Lovie was verra worried about me. I can not believe I did that to myself!
   We just watched Napoleon Dynamite! OMG!! What a waste of film!!!!        Do not get me wrong we did laugh at a few things but it was horrible!
   We finished our last gift Sunday!! YAHOOOOO!! We are DONE!!! And that is the last gift I need to wrap too! This is the earliest we have EVER been done! Heaux! Heaux! Heaux!
   We have received MANY Christmas cards!!! We have 26 so far!!! One from Canada and one from Sweden!!!!!! And of course we sent and handed out alot!
   Lovie is having to go to have his blood pressure checked three times a week for three weeks. This is his second week of going in. Today it was down 122 / 70!!!! The doctor will put him on meds if he can not get it to come down better. It has been REALLY high!
   We went to dinner last night with my parents, my brother, his wife and their kids. We had Mexican! VERRA YUMMY!!! After we went to see Christmas lights. It was chili and we were too full to move!!! They had The North Pole there! VERRA neat! Momma was so inchanted by it! ~*giggle*~
   Well we are about to watch another movie, I have no clue what it is or the name of it, I will prolly nap!!!!! Happy birthday to Calinda, Cody and Pop Jack!!!! Have a great night!

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