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   I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was wonderful. Christmas Eve day we had so much fun at Chris' grandparents!!!! We ate and played cards! Then exchanged gifts. We received money from his grandparents and a beautiful hand painted on the inside ornament from his Aunt and family. Then it was over to my parents for more eating and fun! We played the gift games, which was the MOST fun we have had in a long time! We laughed so much! Chris received a steam cleaner and a Moc Croc weekend tote!! (well he stole the tote for me, back from my sister-in-law stealing it from me...~*giggle*~) I received a hand held electronic hearts game and a deep fryer.
   We gave Taylor his bike and it about broke my heart to see him cry and tell me :I love it, but I do not know how to ride it" I wanted to cry myself. Before the night was over "Big Chris" had him outside RIDING!!!!!!! He took to it sooo good! He is already planning for his next bike!!!!
   Christmas day we sleep in a bit, then got dressed to go to his dad's. Chris and I both received money ( which will go with the money from his grandparents and mom for our luggae!!!), a cd holder for the visor, and a stocken filled with lots of goodies!!!!
   Today is our 12th anniversary! Lovie had the day off, we cleaned house, did laundry, went to the grocery, then came home and played cards and watched TV. Are we getting old or what ~*giggle*~
   We just finished watching Open Water... What a chilling movie! It is based on true events of a couple from Baton Rouge (my hometown) that was left behind a diving excursion!
Good movie!    
   We are leaving for the campground in the morning early! We had planed on going today but I am not feeling too good! I have a cold! I caught it from going outside to cool off!!!! I do not know how much more of these hot flashes I can take!!!!! Anyway...We will celebrate New Years with my family and our camping buddies!! They have a big bon fire, a firework show, and champange at midnight!!!! It will be alot of fun!
   We are having a Cookie and Cocoa party at our camp site Friday. We bought the cookies today, I am cheating!! ~*giggle*~ But Wal Mart has some verra yummy fresh baked treats!
   Well it is off to bed for us so we can get out of here early as we can. Have a great night and a Very Happy New Year!!!

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